Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Top of the Rock (Part 1)

Newly re-opened since my last visit to New York, the Top of the Rock is the perfect place from which to view the Manhattan skyline. For a start, you actually get to look AT the Empire State Building rather than looking OUT from it. The top level balcony is also open (the Empire State is enclosed) so it's a slightly less claustrophobic experience.

The Top of the Rock is part of the Rockefeller Center, which also houses Radio City, NBC (including the Saturday Night Live studios) and the Rainbow Room. It's also famous for its Christmas Tree and the Ice Rink (which was still there in March).

I have to confess that we did the Tourist Thing - in this case posed for our very own version of the famous Girder Photo. Although our feet were fairly close to the ground. The results are currently displayed on a fridge magnet near me ;-)

The Ice Rink (You may, we didn't)

South Side of Plaza


Er, did you say we're going up there?

Prometheus, posing in profile this time

Words and Pictures © Louise Heal 2009

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stuey said...

Much nicer here than at the Empire State Building, where you just feel like you're being herded like sheep, except with less room!