Saturday, 18 April 2009

Central Perk, sorry PARK

Another must-do on the New York circuit, that walk through Central Park. This, on the other hand, never fails to delight me. In the fading early March sun, it was cold and bleak, but the squirrels and the joggers were still out in force.

I have only ever visited New York in the winter, so I've never seen Central Park with leaves on the trees. The benefit of this is that I've always had a great view of the surrounding buildings. (The downside, obviously, is that it's always cold and I've never walked around in shorts. Or had the pleasure of seeing New York males in shorts. Ahem).

Keep Off The Snow

But somebody didn't...

It even looks cold in the photograph

Ah, to live in an apartment on Fifth

Come over here, take our squirrels

(No I didn't take any pictures of the joggers. What do you take me for?)

Words and Pictures © Louise Heal 2009

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