Monday, 3 May 2010

Sunday at the Beach #1 - Morning

Lighthouse Beach before the crowds

Not yet 7.30am and this is a working beach. There are a few tourists around: families with energetic young children who wake early, that sort of thing. They pose for photographs with the lighthouse in the background or have a quick paddle in the sea.

Otherwise the beach belongs to the fishermen. They are pulling in a net. This is a slow, arduous process. There must be 40 men on 2 ropes, heaving and coiling. Stepping back and forward, arm over arm. I can count 5 men in the water: black heads bobbing on the blue sea, disappearing under the waves when they break.

A gentle breeze wafts in off the sea, rustles through the palm trees and mingles with the smell of wood smoke from last night’s tandoori oven. The fishermen chant in time with the waves and the black crows stand in hopeful groups, waiting for what they can scavenge. Stray dogs run down the sand, across the ropes and into the water. They have no interest in fish.

 Pulling in the catch

Coiling the rope

The sun is still rising behind us but it is already hot. The beach vendors are setting out umbrellas and sun loungers. Soon the fishermen will finish work and the tourists and day-trippers will arrive.

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Jessica H said...

Beautiful imagary and a beautiful beach. I can just picture myself lounging under a beach umbrella, relaxing the day away. Thanks for sharing.