Monday, 3 May 2010

Sunday at the Beach #3 - Evening

Everybody gathers on the beach to watch the sunset. It is low season, so there are plenty of empty seats on the balcony of a restaurant. In high season, I would have to book a day in advance to get this view.

Fishing boats are going out to sea from all along the coast. The boats still on the beach are being used by tourists: to lean on, shelter under, dry clothes on. The day is nearly over and children are being coaxed out of the water (ice cream appears to be the lure).

Uses for a fishing boat

The stewards are still blowing their whistles, but with less enthusiasm now. Young men are coming out of the water, drying themselves off and discreetly removing shorts from under towels.

The lighthouse lights up at 6pm and the light begins to rotate. The fishing boats light up too and twinkle on the sea. The sound of the engines mixes with the noise of the waves. The smell of wood smoke grows stronger again and the crows are still here, still hopeful and still scavenging.

 The end of a long day at the beach

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