Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Football's Not Coming Home

So England are out of the World Cup. On the bright side, there were no penalty shoot-outs and nobody cried.

So what now for us England fans? If you're in London and want to carry on with the multi-national, global theme, then this summer offers quite a few opportunities to do just that.

So let's kick off with...


Festival Brazil is a month-long festival at the Southbank Centre, bringing contemporary Brazilian culture to London.. It runs from June 11th to July 18th and these are a few of the highlights:

  • Youth Orchestra of Bahia (July 7th, 7.30pm). From the same stable as the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra, this is their first visit to London. Conducted by Ricardo Castro, the programme for the evening is "Music from the Americas" and includes Gershwin and Bernstein.
  • A Woman's Eye on Brazil (July 9th, 7pm). Ana Maria Goncalves, Patricia Melo and Maria Valéria discuss Brazil and their work.
  • Sócrates: Futebol and Brazil (July 18th, 5pm). Sócrates is a former captain of the Brazil football team who is now a major cultural commentator. Maybe he'll be giving his views on another World Cup Winning performance?
  • Skylon Caipirinha Cocktail Masterclass (July 12th, 6.30pm). If all that literature and music sounds like too much hard work, just join "Master Mixologist" Zoran Peric to learn the secrets of the perfect Brazilian cocktail. Includes 2 drinks per person. Hic.

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