Thursday, 17 June 2010

Get Rid of Me - Win a 6-month RTW trip for 2!

 Those crazy folk over at On-The-Go Tours have launched the World's First Unpopularity Contest. Yes, you read that correctly.

All YOU have to do is "confess your sins" and tell the world why it deserves to be rid of you (and a significant other) for a (longish) while.

So is this the trip of a lifetime? Well, at 6 months and 18 countries, it could well be. You'll be going to China, Egypt, India, Jordan, (overland) Kenya to South Africa, Morocco, Nepal, Russia (including the Trans-Siberian), and Turkey.

(I think that's alphabetical order rather than actual order of travel).

All flights and visa costs are taken care of, along with reasonable spending money.

Full details and prizes are at Get Rid of Me.

If you win, fine. I'm really, really pleased for you. Honest. I just don't want to hear about it when you get back.

If you win, I will be as bad-tempered as this camel. And that's a promise.

You can have your own photo just like this. I won't care, I already have one.

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